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International Students
Instructions for studying in Canada

Exact Air warmly welcomes international students and we do everything possible in easing the adaptation period. The school is located in St-Honoré, 15 minutes by car from Chicoutimi. It is a truly beautiful region as much for everyday life as for learning how to fly. You will fly over a lake, a river, the fjord, the mountains and even more lakes and rivers.

St-Honoré and Chicoutimi are located in the region of Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean, a principally Francophone area. Instruction is given in French or English and you will have the opportunity to learn aeronautical vocabulary in both languages and practice your accent during your radio communications.

Medical certificate

To pursue studies for piloting in Canada, you must obtain a class 1 medical certificate by a physician approved by Transport Canada (civil aviation medical examiners). Delays of up to six weeks can be expected before obtaining the certificate.

Please be advised! The aviation medical certificate and medical certificate required for immigrants from certain countries to obtain a study permit are not the same thing. Unlike the aviation medical certificate, the doctor’s visit to obtain the immigration medical certificate of cannot be scheduled. If the certificate is required, you will be informed by the Government of Canada they will send you a list of physicians available for consultation.


The immigration application process requires some diligence and you must make sure to understand the required steps. Ensure to fill in all forms, pay the fees and meet all deadlines so that your case is processed in the shortest time possible. Begin the procedure at least four to six months before your planned arrival date.

For certain countries, if the duration of your education is under six months, you can come to Canada without a study permit or other formalities other than a valid passport and the letter of acceptance from Exact Air.

For studies of six months or more, you will need to obtain acceptance from the Government of Québec (Quebec Acceptance Certificate or CAQ) and from the Government of Canada (study permit). The CAQ processing time is generally four weeks but the duration may vary depending on where you apply.

AFor a study permit, if you are a citizen from France, we recommand to submit your application directly to the Canadian Embassy in Paris. For your information, you can submit the request for a study permit at the same time as the CAQ application. However, the study permit is not issued until the CAQ has been obtained.

If you submit your study permit application to another Canadian embassy, you usually have to wait until the CAQ is obtained. If you require further information, contact the embassy or visa office responsible in processing your application.

International Students
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