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Airplane Flight School Airplane Flight School
Exact Air offers you the opportunity for flight training, provided on an individual basis or in small groups, always respecting the pace at which you are comfortable. We also offer the chance to begin your training AT ANY TIME: although the periods during September and February are preferred.
At the end of the commercial pilot training, Exact Air offers employment opportunities allowing you to begin your career as a pilot (see the Aerial Work section). 

The total duration of your training depends on many different factors such as your motivation, your ability, the pace at which you learn and the inevitable: the weather.

Before beginning your pilot training, you must pass a medical exam performed by a doctor recognized by Transport Canada to finally obtain your appropriate classed medical certificate for the license you expect to acquire. If you start your course without a certificate, you cannot fly solo and this may delay the training. Click here to consult the list of Civil aviation medical examiners.

A payment agreement has been reached with the National Bank for Canadian students and Canadian residents of Exact Air. Please contact us for more information.

The school’s aircraft fleet consists of 9 aircrafts : Cessna 152 (4); CESSNA 172 (3); Piper Seneca II (2).
The hourly rate for a rental is a minimum of $132 and a maximum of $365, depending on the type of aircraft. The rate for an instructor is $45 per hour (classes 2-3-4) and $55 per hour (class 1). A Mechtronixs Ascent flight simulator is in accordance with the norms of Transport Canada and is available to students at a rate of $135/hour.
The St-Honoré airport (CYRC) has a control tower, three runways in triangular formation, the longest being 6,807 meters in length with a flight training area along the border of the airport. Situated within the vicinity of the Bagotville air force base, we have access to a complete coverage for instrument flights, offering numerous varying approaches.

Qualifications Outside Students

Advanced training

  • Multi-Crew Operation & Cockpit Management
  • Jet Conversion
  • King Air & Navajo Type Ratings

Reservation system

Airplane Flight School
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