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FAQ - Foire aux questions
Q Why choose Exact Air?

Q Why is Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean a good place to learn how to fly?

Q What are the differences between recreational / private / commercial pilot licenses?

Q What ratings can I add after getting my license?

Q Is it possible to complete the theoretical part of the private pilot licence training during my personal studies?

Q What are the required steps in becoming a commercial pilot?

Q How long does the training take to complete?

Q When do the courses start and what are the schedules offered?

Q Must I take the theoretical course at the same time as the practical courses?

Q What are your terms of payment?

Q Is the course tax deductible?

Q Once my licence is obtained, what must I do to maintain my privileges?

Q What is the age limit for flying?

Q What is the labor market and employment opportunities like?

Q I be able to work in the aviation industry after I receive my private or recreational license?

Q Exact Air guarantee employment following my commercial training?

Q What is the fire patrol pilot?

Q What does a job as a flight instructor consist of?

Q Is it possible to rent the aircrafts?

Q What is the difference between the C-152, the C-172 and the C-182?

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
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