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Choosing to travel with us is choosing to save time.

Forget the long wait lines and lost luggage, the traffic congestion and fatigue from driving over long distances.

We can bring you anywhere in Eastern Canada and the United States, for your business ventures or for personal convenience. Our qualified, competent and conscientious pilots will have you arrive at your destination safe & sound.

If you require further information regarding our regular destinations, visit the "Reservations" or "Schedules & Rates" sections available on our website.

The Beechcraft King Air, will bring you to your destination quickly with its two turbine engines. The aircraft can reach cruising speeds of 450 km/h. For example, the distance between Chicoutimi and Montréal can be made within an hour! It is also an aircraft which is well adapted for difficult meteorological conditions. It is equipped with state of the art flight instruments allowing for travel in all conditions carried out in a safe and secure manner.

The Beechcraft King Air is itself a model charter aircraft in Canada. Comparably similar to planes used by the major airlines, this aircraft will take you to your destination, saving you time and money along the way.

This aircraft has a pressurized cabin and can fly at altitudes of 25,000 feet. Its cabin is sound proof and spacious, equipped with captain's chairs, accommodating up to eight passengers. The versatility of the cabin configuration allows it to conform equally as a medical aircraft (transport patients from one hospital to another) or as a cargo flight. (Can load more than 450 lbs of luggage)

If you prefer, you can also take to the skies with either one of our multi-engine aircrafts specifically for charters, being the Piper Navajo or one of our two Piper Seneca’s. Despite their smaller size, they nevertheless bring you to the right "airport"!

The Navajo and Seneca are reliable and comfortable aircrafts. Their cockpits offer many amenities. They are widely used aircrafts in the airline industry in Quebec and the excellent value for money they provide. ­ ­

The Navajo has two turbocharged engines, traveling at speeds of 325 km/h, and altitudes of up to 10,000 feet. You can load 350 lbs. of luggage in the Navajo. Its flight instruments allow for trips during difficult weather conditions.

The Seneca’s are ideal when you are carrying three passengers or less. Reaching speeds of 280 km/h and altitudes of up to 10,000 feet, they are also equipped with turbocharged engines and flight instruments, which allow them to fly equally in good and bad weather conditions.

Call us for a quote at (418) 589-8923 ext. 222 or contact us via contact form.


unimedicProud to have an exclusive agreement with UNIMÉDIC/PARAMÉDIC, Exact Air continues to save lives. Decreasing the response time is the vocation of the medical evacuation aircraft. The passengers destined for this type of emergency transportation are persons in distress, victims of disaster, those who are wounded in a remote or inaccessible locations or someone awaiting a transplant or specialized care.

Our Beechcraft King Air 100, with two turbine engines, is configured with the functionality to install easily a stretcher and accommodate all the medical equipment required in patient monitoring. In addition, a dedicated team of nurses, respiratory therapists and paramedics accompany the patient for the entire duration of the flight. This service is available 24 hours day, 7 days a week. EMERGENCY HOTLINE: 1-877-589-8923 Ext 1.

Exact Air is committed to save lives!


Exact Air is the business designated for aerial view photo shooting sessions. A specialist in the field, we have a fleet of aircrafts more than suitable for these various projects.

With numerous years of experience, Exact Air has created a niche in capturing aerial views equally in the commercial and industrial markets. We include among our loyal customers, local newspapers, aluminum plants, regional forestry companies, advertising agencies and many others.

The TV channels Historia, Canal Evasion and Tele-Quebec are a few examples of clients we have done short films and documentaries for.

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