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Exact Air operates several branches of aerial work which allow us in being a first employer to our graduating students *. We therefore suggest becoming a patroller or flight instructor.
(*) Emplois offerts selon les besoins de la compagnie sous certaines conditions.

Fire patrol pilot

Thanks to a partnership with the Society of forestry protection against fires (SOPFEU) who are responsible for "the prevention, detection and extinction of forest fires in Quebec,” we are able to hire 12 pilots per season (11 in contract and 1 stand by) to roam the vast forests of Quebec under intensive protection to detect any outbreak of fire. Ordinarily, Exact Air hires six new and five returning pilots for a second season. This is a paid job and one where you would stay at one of our four bases. Pilots and planes are distributed over Eastern and Central Quebec as follows:

  • Roberval (Lac St-Jean) : 3 planes
  • Chibougamau (Northern Quebec) : 3 planes
  • Manic 5 (Côte-Nord) : 3 planes
  • Bonaventure (Gaspésie) : 1 plane
  • La Tuque (Mauricie) : 1 plane

This work allows the pilot with little experience to learn the ropes of the commercial pilot trade in Quebec. For a five month period (where the pilot can accumulate up to 200 flight hours), the pilot has the responsibility of an aircraft (a Cessna 182RG) and performs all management and planning of their detection flights. The fire patrol pilot forges an incredible experience, which also allows for faster progression in the aerial domain. PLEASE NOTE, IN ORDER TO QUALIFY; THE PATROLLER MUST TAKE A TRAINING COURSE PAID FOR AT THEIR OWN EXPENSE.

SOPFEU wants to monitor by way of the fire patrol pilots, about 520,000 km2 of all forests situated beneath the 52nd parallel, and to discover any outbreak of fire of less than 0.5 hectares. Our participation results in the detection of 25% of annual fires. After the discovery of a fire, SOPFEU has a target of intervening within the hour following its discovery and having it extinguished before spreading past 3 hectares. On the same subject, 68% of forest fires are manmade while lightning is responsible for the remaining 32%.

A day in the life of a fire patrol pilot
Fire Patrol
The pilot conducts low altitude (1,500 feet) visual flight sweeps (VFR) in attempt to detect smoke emitting from the forest. Using a radio transmitter and a GPS tracking system, the pilot indicates the geographic coordinates for locating the smoke, giving the fire crews quicker access to the scene by land or by air. Once the smoke report is completed, the pilot continues their search for other signs of smoke...

Our school is the only training center in Quebec which offers actual employment to its graduates.*

* However, certain criteria must be met :

  • Presence and class attendance
  • Serious attitude and practices safe flight conduct
  • Speaks French
  • Good academic grades / practical work
  • Holder of a commercial pilot license and single IFR rating are both prerequisites

For more information, please contact us via our contact form

Flight instructor

Every year since 1994, Exact Air continually receives twenty some air cadets who join us in obtaining their private pilot license in seven weeks (June-August). We therefor need four or five new flight instructors annually. This is a paid job with an intense schedule: 6 days a week for 7 weeks! If you want to complete the instructor course and teach the cadets, these courses start in late January and March.

Once qualified as a flight instructor, you are rated as class 4. At the end of the summer when your student cadets have earned their private pilot license, you can try for your class 3. We often call on these new instructors to continue teaching at the school during the year if needed. The opportunities are endless with the team of Exact Air.


Medical evacuation

unimedicProud to have an exclusive agreement with UNIMÉDIC/PARAMÉDIC, Exact Air continues to save lives. Decreasing the response time is the vocation of the medical evacuation aircraft. The passengers destined for this type of emergency transportation are persons in distress, victims of disaster, those who are wounded in a remote or inaccessible locations or someone awaiting a transplant or specialized care.

Our Beechcraft King Air 100, with two turbine engines, is configured with the functionality to install easily a stretcher and accommodate all the medical equipment required in patient monitoring. In addition, a dedicated team of nurses, respiratory therapists and paramedics accompany the patient for the entire duration of the flight. This service is available 24 hours day, 7 days a week. EMERGENCY HOTLINE: 1-877-589-8923 Ext 1.

Exact Air is committed to save lives!

Aerial photography, filming and cartography

Exact Air is the business designated for aerial view photo shooting sessions. A specialist in the field, we have a fleet of aircrafts more than suitable for these various projects.

With numerous years of experience, Exact Air has created a niche in capturing aerial views equally in the commercial and industrial markets. We include among our loyal customers, local newspapers, aluminum plants, regional forestry companies, advertising agencies and many others.

The TV channels Historia, Canal Evasion and Tele-Quebec are a few examples of clients we have done short films and documentaries for.


Aerial Work
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